I’ve always wanted to have the best blog ever but I don’t have the content.  What choice do I have but to eliminate the competition?   We lured Allison out here promising all kinds of things.

The first day of her captivity we thought we would give her a gastro experience and disguised a charred pork chop that was raw in the middle to look like real food.  She’s quite clever.  She poked around a little and then just ate her salad.  Then we forced her to eat chocolate with bacon in it. She had a bite and didn’t even wince.  At this point I started to think that maybe she was thinking that these were not just mistakes.  Was she on to us?

Day two:  We went to Bodega bay to take pictures.  We hiked to the cliffs and I told her the warning sign was just a suggestion and I’d been on the cliffs many times.  I told her there would be wind gusts but  not to worry, they never get that strong. Turns out she’s as sure footed as a mountain goat.  Tonight we’re having a salad garnished with a nasturtium.  We have a flower here that looks a lot like that but it’s deadly.  Will she be able to tell?

Day three:  We will have morning tea on the deck. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. 1 Amy
    2010 Jun 26

    Love it!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time enjoying Allison’s company while attempting to eliminate the blogging competitor! Good thing I don’t update my blog very often right now!
    Oh how I miss you Paul, Craig and Allison! What a party must be going on up north right now!
    Have fun! I’m thinking of you all.

  2. 2 Aunt Kathy
    2010 Jun 26

    This is hilarious! I love everything but when I saw the chair with Allison’s name on it, I lost it! You guys are wicked! I wish I oould have made the trip, maybe next year. Good luck outwitting Allison, she’s nobody’s fool and her paybacks are priceless! xxx

  3. 3 Kristin
    2010 Jun 26

    Hysterical! I love it. Made me laugh right out loud.

    How did it go in the chair for morning tea?

  4. 4 Allison
    2010 Jun 26

    I’ve been having a lovely time, despite the apparent threat to my life. Fortunately, I overslept and missed morning tea. We’ll see what surprises await me tomorrow……

    BTW – last night’s salad was absolutely delicious. Paul is a master chef – with presentation to die for (so to speak).

  5. 5 Aunt Kathy
    2010 Jun 26

    I noticed the lovely table settings, Paul you are the Man!

  6. 6 Michelle
    2010 Jun 26

    This made me laugh. I understand you wanting to get rid of the competition, I gave in many many years ago and said this mantra over and over to myself “Michelle, you are only the wind beneath Alli-cat’s wings, and will always be in her shadow, so give up”

    Please don’t harm my Alli-cat!


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  8. 8 Jennifer Pearce
    2010 Jun 28

    Hi Paul. I’m Brandon’s wife. Although we have met before, it was only briefly, so it is good to get to know you a bit better through your blog. I hope you don’t mind. I found your blog through Allison’s latest blog post, and I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading through it. I really enjoy your sense of humor. 🙂 Thank you!

  9. 9 Paul
    2010 Jun 28

    That’s sweet, thankyou Jennifer. I’ve caught a little of Brandons blog and feel like I know you guys better too.

  10. 10 Ashley Rae
    2010 Jun 28

    LOL… this totally made me laugh. And seriously? Your display of food looks like it belongs in a very fancy restaurant of which I could never afford. And I’m sure it tastes even better than it looks… if that’s possible. It looks like you’re having a marvelous time! And you know, I tried chocolate with bacon in in the other day and it wasn’t half bad! If you get over the fact that it’s bacon, it’s a pretty cool flavor.

    I love that you put her name on the chair. lol.

  11. 11 Margie Aliprandi
    2010 Jun 30

    Well guys you have managed to bring NEW traffic to an absolutely awesome blog.. Love the pictures, the food looks divine. Allison said she had a fabulous time just hanging out with you. Thanks for giving her some much needed R & R and for attempting to expand her culinary horizons. Thanks for the hearty laughter and sheer entertainment of this blog.. xo

  12. 12 Allison
    2010 Jun 30

    Well, clearly, with this post Paul proves he does have the content and I will defer to his blogging prowess and freely admit he is the “best blogger EVER.”

    Hopefully there will be no further attempts on my life….

  13. 13 Paul
    2010 Jun 30

    I think I’ll go get a haircut tomorrow, just in case the blog award people show up at my work.

  14. 14 Joseph
    2010 Jul 01

    hi..i’m joseph. No one knows me i’m sure and certainly no one ever made a cool salad like that for me, especially not my lovely gay brother Paul. But Allison, dear, I hope they showed you a FABULOUS time! And how ru darling? I’ve just uploaded some old pics of y’all you might enjoy seeing. We’re all so young and skinny…ahh…good times. I’ve committed every pic i’ve ever taken to digital format, so as to be able to access them whenever I need and to keep them for “Time and all eternity”. Hope you’re all doing well!

  15. 15 Brandon
    2010 Jul 03

    LOL!! I’m glad you didn’t succeed in your ulterior motives, but glad you had a great time. The food looks delicious, and was a beautiful place you have there!

  16. 16 Robert
    2010 Jul 13

    “…as sure footed as a mountain goat.” LOL.. I did not know that about her..

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  18. 18 Jean Cornwall
    2010 Jul 17

    Hi .. I am Allison’s Aunt from Las Vegas.. I enjoyed visiting your
    blog and the food presentation is fabulous.. I especially liked the salad with cucumber bowl. You two sound like fun people to know.. Glad Allison escaped alive, I am really very fond of her :o)

  19. 19 paul
    2010 Jul 18

    Thanks Jean. Welcome

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