I’m sure that most everyone has or does something others might consider a complete waste of time. Eric gave me an i pad for Christmas and I use it almost exclusively for gaming. It is a great help when I have to fly. I enjoy puzzle games and haunted anything. One of my favorites so far is Baskervilles. Little too wordy but you can skip through that. Another is Phantasmat. It’s about a haunted hotel and a sunken city. One I just finished was one of the harder ones called Gypsy’s Tale, full of goblins and magic. Mr. sports fanatic man o’ mine actually said that he thought I was becoming obsessed. I just said par, birdie, birdie, par, dear. Sometimes I actually enter a room saying things like “I need to find the oven that will heat the coal hot enough to turn it into a gem so I can put it in the gazebo in order to get my rope so I can climb down into the chasm to get the elixir to turn the ghost in the cottage into a human so she can battle the witch who happens to be her mother’s sister”.
These are games I have finished and really like.

It was especially exciting when I fixed and tuned the harpsichord that played at the engagement ball for Lydia and Vlad.  It was just before Lidia pushed her sister off of the second story landing for dancing with Vlad.  I had to fix the railing that broke.   And I did more dusting in the Haunted House of Mirrors than I do at home.  Oh my God…I am obsessed.

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  1. 1 Allison
    2012 Mar 29

    Oh dear…. you should not have shown these to me. I got sucked into a minor obsession with Pocket Frogs. Raising and breeding cute frogs of all colors and patterns. Taking them to the pond where they hop and croak and eat flies.

    These games sound far more complex, interesting and time sucking… which should I start with? 🙂

  2. 2 craig
    2012 Mar 30

    Allison – run away from the light!

  3. 3 Jennifer Pearce
    2012 Mar 30

    I’m sure I would get sucked in to these as well, just like I do to a good science fiction/fantasy novel. I must refrain or I will get nothing else done. I even got sucked into the Disney Fairies web game with Emily and Marie once upon a time. It was great for Emily, since it helped her improve her reading abilities by leaps and bounds. Not so great for me though.

  4. 4 Ashley Rae
    2012 Mar 31

    lol… that is great. I can get sucked into computer games pretty easily… and good books… and anything that pulls me away from reality. I’d better stay away from these games. Haha

  5. 5 paul
    2012 Mar 31

    I’ve been thinking about this post and all the things people enjoy that also to many would seem a waste of time. I’ve decided to let myself enjoy some more. And Allison, if you’re really interested Phantasmat is a great starter. I think I’ll go kill some more time dead. Craig’s going to go nap so we can both waste time together.

  6. 6 Brandon
    2012 Apr 05

    I loved computer games as a kid, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played one. However, the iPad has been good at getting me back into it. When we were in Costa Rica, I found the old Monkey Island games on the iPad, all redone in beautiful graphics and sound. The kids and I had a lot of fun playing those together, and it brought back some fun memories.

  7. 7 Silence of the Clams » Games
    2012 Apr 28

    […] friend, Paul, wrote a blog post recently of how he wastes spends his time playing games on his […]

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